Stardew Valley video game review


Stardew Valley is the farming sim to end all farming sims, but with the added bonus of crazy lore and dark secrets. You start off the game by quitting your boring desk job and inheriting your Grandfather’s farm, which lies in the friendly little town of Stardew Valley. Throughout the game, you build your farm, meet new people, and discover some of the amazing things this game has to offer. One day, you could be planting crops, fishing, taking care of your animals, or riding your horse around town. The next day, you could be deciphering runes in desert dungeons, battling monsters in the mines, or bartering with shadow demons in the sewers. Want a game with calm music and simple farming mechanics? Stardew Valley has both. Want a game where you can spend hours leveling up skills or combing through the Wiki pages for lore? It may not look like it, but Stardew Valley has that too. 


This game has won a NAVGTR simulation award and was even nominated for the NAVGTR Game of the Year award and the BAFTA Games Best Game Award. Stardew Valley caters to people who like calming games, people who like games that can take a lot of time, and people who like games that have unique storylines and interesting lore and quests. It also has really beautiful pixelated graphics, and a charming soundtrack. Stardew Valley supports multiplayer, and is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, PC / Mac / Linux, iOS, and Android! Tell us what you think about Stardew Valley in the poll below! 


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