Bears bowling wins again


Aerda Roddan

Alicea Felan rolls a flawless strike.

The girls’ varsity bowled against Rogers on Tuesday at Westside Lanes and left with a win. Coach Paul Rae stated that the team achieved 1,983 points last week. As well, he noted the games were going very well for the team. Regardless of the outcome of this match, The Bears were headed to state. “Because they did so well last week, this game doesn’t really matter to us. We can lose it, we can win it, we’re still in the number one position,” Rae said.

Brooklyn Crass, a player for the girl’s varsity bowling team, joined this year. She says that her games have been going pretty well and that her average has increased since the beginning of the year. Crass states that she wasn’t nervous to play against Puyallup’s Rogers.

Senior Lauren Askew joined bowling because it’s one of her favorite sports. She says her average is about 880 points per game and her highest score was 113.

Wish the girls bowling luck as they head into their postseason!