Gymnastics breaks records

Maris Baird, Journalist

The OHS gymnastics team miraculously broke the team score record of 168 twice for Olympia High School. The top five scorers’ points added up together creating a new record of 169. The team topped the season off by placing 6th in the state. The bond and positive culture they share resulted in a very successful season for the Bears.


The team welcomed many new athletes this year. Maggie O’Connor, the coach of Olympia Gymnastics explains that students see “ the bond and positivity [they] have created and want to be a part of it”. She loved to see so many girls trying or mastering new skills throughout the season. 


Claire Lee and Jadan Lacy-Roberts are the senior team captains for the team. Both girls qualified for state along with Kat Castro and Lily Rose. Lee set many new personal records early in the season and continued to keep those high scores throughout the season. “ My favorite memory is when I struck the vault for the first time at a meet, and the whole team came running up to hug me,” Lee recalls. She felt lucky to share such an exciting moment with her coaches and teammates. 


This year the team will be losing many seniors. Next season will be all about building back up and filling the shoes of the talented seniors. Coach Maggie looks forward to next season, “Win or lose we have a positive and welcoming culture that encourages and supports one another. That to me is a success”. 


Jadan highly recommends that anyone even slightly interested should join gymnastics. After 17 years of being a gymnast. She has learned many life skills. Jadan thinks that gymnastics, even as a beginner, “is a great way to stay physically active and the mental part of gymnastics is a great way to grow and test your personal comfort zone”.