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Behind the scenes at Seattle Sports Radio

Sydney Potvin, Blayke Warner, and Sami Potvin sit in the recording studio at Seattle Sports Radio. Photo courtesy of Cathy Cangiano.

Dive into the world of Seattle Sports Radio, home of Seattle’s favorite sports news. This insider look reveals the behind-the-scenes magic of radio broadcasting at ESPN.

From live coverage to backstage preparation, discover what makes Seattle Sports Radio the prime destination for sports fans in the Pacific Northwest. At the core of its success are individuals like General Sales Manager Cathy Cangiano and Producer Curtis Rogers, who work to connect with the audience and shape the station’s content.

Cangiano has a mission to weave the interests of listeners with those of advertisers, creating trustworthy content while keeping up with trends and public interest.” Patterns and behaviors of consumers are changing quickly,” Cangiano pointed out.

“We just did a research study that shows the effectiveness and the reach of radio in the state of Washington, and it still exists, but we cannot stay here. We have to evolve.”

This approach has opened doors to new media outlets and helped the station grow with its audience. “There’s opportunities left and right,” Cangiano explains. “By focusing on live and local, we can push out content messages and our audiences can engage with us on any platform, at any time that is convenient for them.”

Curtis Rogers is heavily involved in Seattle’s sports scene. As the producer of the “Bump and Stacy Show,” his role involves crafting compelling stories that resonate with local audiences. “The main focus in our coverage is Seahawks, Mariners, local pro teams, and then college teams,” Rogers says.

He then shared what his job looks like behind the scenes: “My role as a producer is not just generating show topics and booking guests; it is also being there to guide the show along.”

Rogers also emphasized the importance of adaptability and multi-platform engagement in keeping the station relevant in a rapidly changing media environment. “In the last two or three years, there’s been this huge push for more video and more visual media,” Rogers stated.

He explained how the studio has worked with these changes by placing focus on video streaming platforms. “It’s all about finding ways that are more accessible for the consumer.”

Looking ahead, both Cangiano and Rogers are optimistic about the steps the studio is taking toward future changes in the industry. The world of sports broadcasting is evolving, with new technologies and changing audience habits.

“This is live and local, and that is a competitive advantage. I see it as a strength because radio can reinforce all of these other distribution platforms,” noted Cangiano, commenting on their continued use of radio accompanied by various other media outlets.

Across the state, Seattle Sports Radio continues to stand out as an essential part of Washington’s sports culture. Through the efforts of professionals like Cangiano, Rogers, and many other content creators, the station has found its place in the daily lives of Seattle’s sports fans, offering them a community full of passion and excitement for their favorite sports teams. 

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Sami Potvin
Sami Potvin, Journalist
Sami Potvin, a senior at Olympia High School, is a sports writer for the Olympus. In her free time, she likes to read, watch sports, listen to music, and spend time with friends and family. She also is committed to play fastpitch at Iowa State University where she will study Aerospace Engineering.

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