Poem of the Week: Headphones

These headphones are on my head

All the time

The music makes me focus

Vibrates my bones

Gives me stimulation

It’s pleasant to the ears

Birds sing it

Humans perform it


Audio seeps into my ears

Filling the head with thoughts

Drowning my brain with noise

Reducing the outside

Closing in on the self

Secluded in a box of waves

Holding me inside

Excluding me from reality


The world is a stressful place

No one should have to live through it

Yet here you are

People need something to bring us off this planet

To disengage from our cages for just a moment


The headphones are removed from my head

And I meet the world once more

Released from the box

Sometimes me and reality have to meet sometimes

Hopefully we can come to an understanding

I hope you can too.