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2017-2018 Staff

Austin Van Dyk


Hi, I'm Austin, I'm a senior and I look forward to writing for the Olympus. I enjoy the outdoors and spending time with my dog. I also enjoy watching movies.

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Brandyn Harpel


My name is Brandyn and I’m a senior this year at Olympia High School. This is my first year writing for The Olympus and I hope to do a good job. In my free time I enjoy watching tv or going on youtube....

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Gabe Hall


My name is Gabe, I am a senior at OHS. This year I am apart of Olympus. Writing is one of my favorite things to do, that's one of the reasons I chose to take journalistic writing. I love to sleep when there is nothing to do. Talking...

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Zach Nelson


I'm Zach, a senior. I enjoy listening to music, watching comedies and keeping up with current events. I hope to report on truth and importance, however unpopular it may be.

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Lia Freeman


Hi! I'm Lia. Despite my appearance I am a senior this year and I'm excited for my second year at OHS! Through journalism this year, I hope to discover new stories, hear your opinions, and keep the community updated and together....

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Kardel Arnold


My name is Kardel. I am  a senior at OHS. I'm in journalism due to my writing skills and I look forward to covering controversial topics!

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Elizabeth Swenson


My name is Elizabeth and I am a reporter for the Olympus. I enjoy dance, attending concerts and traveling. Currently I am a Sophomore at OHS. I am excited to write for a larger audience and improve and learn new skills for interviewing,...

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Sophie Nicholson


Hello! My name is Sophie and I am a Junior at Olympia High. I am very involved with soccer outside of school, I enjoy outdoor activities, and I enjoy spending time with my family (especially my dogs). Though school isn't my favorite,...

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Hari Nath


My name is Hari and I am a reporter for the Olympus. I am excited to be working with the other reporters and hopefully to develop some writing skills. Some topics I would like to write or see written are things on the diversity...

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Paul Medrud


My name is Paul, and I am a Junior at OHS. My main goal in journalism is to write the best I can. Any topic may be the spice of life and I'm out to prove it. Maybe someday I can write an article about my dog, but we'll just wait...

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Emma Hodge


Hey I'm Emma Hodge, I'm a sophomore this year, and my position in the journalism class is a reporter. Some things I love to do are write (which is why I'm taking journalism). I also love to sing, play volleyball, and I absolutely...

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Charlie Furgeson


It's my first year as a journalist, I am a junior as well as a reporter. I decided to join the class because I do enjoy writing, even if I'm not especially talented in the subject. I do better in the more abstract fields, so I...

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Ben PItney


My name is Ben Pitney, I'm 17, and a senior here at Olympia High School. I play football and guitar and like listening to music. This year I'd like to write some informative pieces on sports and music.

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Deborah Senai


My name is Deborah Senai & this year I'm a senior. In school I participate in a lot of clubs like DECA, Bear Crew & Stand. I'm excited to be joining journalism. Outside of OHS I am an older sibling to my younger sister...

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Sarah Shigley


Well, I am a senior, I can make a bomb bowl of mac n cheese, and I like YouTube. I spend a lot of money on make up, and quite a lot of money on food. I'm pretty chill and love making new friends.

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Alex Snow


I've always been a creative thinker, ready to take on any challenge. I took this journalism class because I want to improve my writing skills. In my spare time, I like to play video games and watch YouTube videos.

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Trinity Wilhite


My name is Trinity Wilhite and I am in 10th grade. I joined journalism because I have a passion for writing. I want to become a journalist when i grow up. I have broadcast before and was a reporter for Youth Runner Magazine. I...

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Kirin Winter


My name is Kirin Winter, I am 16 and a senior at OHS. I work at AlleyOop Gymnastics and Don Juan's. I have done gymnastics myself since 4th grade up until I injured my back, which is when I started coaching. I'm a reporter for...

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Taj Eggleston


My goal is to help keep the Olympus a positive and relevant aspect of our lives here at Olympia. My hobbies and interests include Music and photography,and I find it fascinating seeing as how those two things have impacted modern...

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Gideon Borean


My name is Gideon Borean. I am a junior, and a reporter at the Olympus. Born on December 9th, 2000 in Victoria, Canada, I hope to bring a sense of friendship to the journalism environment. I hold a hunger for honesty and a passion...

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Grace Zook


Hi! My name is Grace Zook and I'm a sophomore at OHS. It's my second year of journalism and I plan on becoming editor in upcoming years, because of my passion for writing. A few random things about me - my favorite color is red,...

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Meghan Oehlerking


Hi, my name is Meghan, I returned to journalism because I enjoyed it last year. Some things I enjoy are music, reading and writing.

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Maleah Upah


My name is Maleah, I am in 11th grade and I am the creative content/online editor for the school newspaper. I love to write and I feel I have a lot to bring to this class this year. I also like to paint, act, and go on hikes....

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Elle Forsberg


Yo Olympia, my name is Elle. I'm a junior at Avanti High School and an Editor at The Olympus. I like to play the guitar, watch true crime documentaries that leave me in constant fear, write, and spend time with my cat. This is...

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Caleb Wertz


Hey, my name is Caleb Wertz and I'm one of the editors for the Olympus. I love writing and reporting, which is exactly why i joined last year. I'm excited to take the helm this year and watch the group grow as people and as journalist.

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