Student news of Olympia High School

The Olympus

Student news of Olympia High School

The Olympus

Student news of Olympia High School

The Olympus

Poem of the Week

Poem of the Week: The Star of the Sea

Charles Gong, Poet May 3, 2024

Dear the Star of the Sea, Your beauty tastes like a dream with cotton candy, Your goodness smells...

Known to Man

Charles Gong, Poet Mar 28, 2024

Love is a feeling that's warm and bright, A joy to share to make a night, It feels so happy, filled...

Poem of the Week: My Friends Know I’m Not Alone

Rufesca Cabotage, Poet Jan 29, 2024

“Who am I to everyone around me?” I wonder as I see new faces with smiles of kindness People...

Poem of the Week: Meteor Shower

Raymond Yepes Jan 23, 2024

The sky’s freckles twinkle with a spark of curiosity. I watch from below. Earbuds in. From...

Poem of the Week: Wintering

Grace Borden, Poet Jan 17, 2024

The early morning moon Meets the cold like an old lover And there’s a warm ball in my chest Bouncing...

Poem of the Week: Animals of Winter Stay Warm

Rufesca Cabotage, Poet Jan 9, 2024

The snow helps to keep them warm We tend to think it brings a chill When whirling winds create...

Poem of the Week: Pleasure

Charles Gong and Christian Bae Dec 15, 2023

Once here, much like my dog once was, A presence from years long past, Then, it slipped away, As...

Poem of the week: golden hour

Raymond Yepes, Poet Dec 4, 2023

Warm rays of sunlight glaze over the kitchen countertops. It reflects into my eyes and comforts my...

Poem of the Week: Aquarium Love

Sydney Peters, Poet Nov 27, 2023

As I slowly stroll down the winding walkways,  around the touch tanks,  and through the glassy...

Poem of the Week: Rapid eye movement, yes please

Anonymous, Poet Nov 14, 2023

Rapid eye movement, yes please. With you, I’d finally have peace. But this is something that...

Poem of the Week: Revelation

Charles Gong, Poet Nov 8, 2023

Do you remember the beginning of dawn? When the pure evil was only clean? Remember when we agreed...

Poem of the week: invisible eyes

Aleena Alam, Poet Oct 30, 2023

She watches me with invisible eyes sweet sempiternity from beautiful skies swathed in silken, silver...

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Student news of Olympia High School
Poem of the Week