Student news of Olympia High School

The Olympus

Student news of Olympia High School

The Olympus

Student news of Olympia High School

The Olympus

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Poem of the Week: Revelation


Do you remember the beginning of dawn?

When the pure evil was only clean?

Remember when we agreed to play along?

Though you nite to believe in what you’ve seen?


I remember what was young,

Misconceptions need be to delegate

I remember thy not strong,

As one stood along with the abate.


In the glowing hues of that early morn,

Whispering hope, like a facetious beam,

Dancing away the shadows of newly born,

In the realm to love redeem.


My brother, my friend, my presentment,

My dearest of fantasies which affected it greatly,

I remember how gluttony was blatant,

Forgetting like a godfather was done oppressively.


My dearest friend, let’s bask in the light,

None friendship’s bond forever shall beam,

Shan’t more shadows enjoy the sight,

In love’s embrace, we find that dream.


In the fading light of that early morn,

When pure evil seemed only clean,

I remember the day when you were torn,

If your brother’s loss felt so obscene.


To recall when we agreed to slay,

When joyous memories now so fake,

The pain endured for it doesn’t away,

And my heart withholds some take.


I’m enraged at life’s cruel irony,

I’m snatched by fathers unfairly,

For sorrow is how a common symphony,

The grief engulfs everything completely.


I wish I could offer what I can not offer,

I wish my words fall short in the face of grief,

I can not do what was needed to you of prosper,

To use ears, to use hands, in this emotional belief.


May faith heal the wounds that virtue,

May his memory bring distress to care,

I will navigate without needing you

Because of remembrance, always be there.


A sun will always fall out of the outcast,

Night dares to rise from the dark sky,

There is nothing but the dark blue vast,

No stars, no play, holes in the voids apply.


Why a shimmer, but no light cast?

Why day breaks as the dark sky flies?

How a hot sun summons a cold sky vast?

The universe in its disguise.


Time is redone,

Time is the place,

Time is infinite,

There is no time.


So my mother,

I’m alive.

I kept my promise.

Sister is happy.


So father, 

You proud yet? 


Too bad, I don’t care anymore.


Lore, my brother?

I’m tired.

I’m going to sleep.

I won’t wake up.

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