Poem of the week: Stars Unnoticed


The ones I look at every day

The ones I pay no mind to

Are someone’s whole world.

Someone’s sun is my speck

a spot, nothing but a single thought.

Someone’s whole world

I look at for just a second.


Tiny holes poked into the universe

Feeding desperate dreams of a better life.

Oh, to discover an entire world

A feeling only humanity gets to indulge.

What a selfish kind of praise,

Naming creation.

They drink the stars they called their own

To feed an ego forever gone hungry.


However the greed of the modern world

Can never understand,

That star has seen the birth of a million planets and thousands of suns.

It looks down on the boy studying for finals

And the woman who just spent her first night away from her family.

It has seen people’s happiest moments and their biggest regrets.

And you dare to look at it for only a moment.

How desperate you are to want everything, in every universe to be seen.

To want every aspect of life to be acknowledged.

To attempt to appreciate all that has and ever will be.

How selfish a desire,

and wretchedly hopeless one.

Though undeserving humanity is of their beauty,

they are also undeserving of a fate so cruel,

And desire so hopelessly impossible.