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Behind the scenes: MLK Assembly

In Christianity, agape is the highest form of love: charity. Its a form of love OHS has in spades.
Artemis Bella-Rogol
“In Christianity, agape is “the highest form of love: charity.” It’s a form of love OHS has in spades.

The 2024 MLK assembly was held in the Olympia High School PAC on Tuesday, January 16th. It kept students glued to their seats, rapt with attention, and interested in a topic seldom talked about. 

The assembly, which was facilitated by Senior, Sirie Chhen, went off without a hitch. Participants of the assembly presented confidently and were well-prepared. A slideshow held the various speakers together in an organized manner.

During the assembly, the main thread tying everything together was the acronym M.L.K.N.O.W. Which stands for Motivation, Leadership, Knowledge, Now, Opportunities, and What Next. Each letter was used as a theme for a unique segment. Poems like Caged Bird by Maya Angelou and Ballad of Birmingham by Dudley Randall, music, first-hand accounts of injustice, and speeches were all performed by the people of OHS. 

Principal Mathew Grant spoke for several segments of the assembly, introducing it and speaking in-depth on “Agape love.” A selfless, unconditional love in the community. Grant cited how in the past OHS stood against hate. Agape love was exemplified by the creation of  “OLY LOVE” shirts that were worn during a counter-protest against a hate group formed by the Westboro Baptist Church located in Kansas. This hate group chastized OHS with hate toward the lgbtq+ community. In response, the OHS community turned their backs against hate. 

However, there were some difficulties. The assembly was originally planned for Friday, January 12th, but was postponed to Tuesday, January 16th. Scheduling conflicts plagued the presentation. Some perspective presenters were hesitant to speak. Sirie Chhen, the organizer of the presentation, said “Not everyone wants to talk in front of the entire school, which I understand.” Additionally, “some of the groups we reached out to never got back to us, or weren’t able to contribute.”  

A snow day, which was more of a light dusting, also affected the assembly. “We had a little bit of trouble trying to get everybody in the right spot on Tuesday because that’s not what we originally planned,” said Chhen.

Chhen fulfilled her guiding role of leading students through complex topics and expertly “[made] sure everyone [got] the recognition that they deserve[d] for their strength and bravery to share their truth.” Referencing her time in SOCA and STAND Chhen says “If you want to make a difference while you’re here, there’s a chance for you to do that.”

Despite obstacles, the assembly showcased unity, resilience, and OHS’ commitment to standing against hate. The MLK assembly was full of complex topics, diverse perspectives, and inspirational moments.

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Artemis Bella-Rogol
Artemis Bella-Rogol, Journalist
Artemis Bella-Rogol is a freshman at OHS. She enjoys playing soccer, doing art, and spending time with friends.

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