What makes seniors pursue their paths?

As the final days of the 2022-2023 school year dwindle away into golden afternoons and dewy mornings, OHS seniors are preparing to forge ahead into the next stage of their lives.

Over the last year, these 12th graders have dedicated immense amounts of time to carefully evaluating and constructing their future pathways. While all these students put in countless hours of work, those hours all turn into unique decisions and dreams. Decisions and dreams that – while they may all be different – stem from very similar desires for control in their lives. 

Oftentimes there develops a divide of sorts between those who chose what would be considered different paths. Pursuers of careers in STEM and those of the humanities may feel that the differences in their paths prevent them from connecting on more personal levels. The same may go for those going down a college track and those going directly into the workforce or even apprenticeship programs. 

Despite all this, it often appears that these different choices all stem from very similar reasonings. Everyone wants to find a place where they can support themselves. Everyone wants to find a place where they can pursue their interests and dreams openly and freely. Everyone wants to give themselves the best opportunities for their own future.

These similarities come across quite strongly these seniors speak about their plans forward moving. Many seniors talk about appreciating schools or careers that allow them to branch into different pathways and not be too constrained. “Even though I don’t plan to focus on music as a career I’m grateful Cornell allows me to keep a foot in the field.” Maria Aurelio said when asked why she chose Cornell.

Sai Sai Men, who will be attending Brown also spoke to the power of academic freedom. “By creating my own major it gives me the opportunity to take certain classes that focus on racism and inequalities”.        

Through all four years of high school, students undertake so many things that can bring them apart. Ironically, however, it’s these differences that bring them together in some ways. They show the humanity of everyone and the little aspects that make us who we are.