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The sound of silence: TikTok’s removal of popular audios

Sky Karels
Collage depicting TikTok’s banned artists and audios.

As of February 1st, UMG (Universal Music Group) has removed its famous artists from TikTok ranging from Taylor Swift, Drake, SZA, Billie Eilish, and millions more. This happened due to TikTok not agreeing to renew the contract to keep UMG’s audios on TikTok.

 The company referred to UMG as “sad and disappointing” and accused UMG of putting “their greed above the interests of their artists and songwriters.” Chaos approached TikTok as thousands of people were angry about having the audios removed.

Many people made TikToks on how they’ll have no songs to record to, especially since the artists that were removed, were people who had popular audios that many people used. Editors are also impacted since many of them use trending audios.  OHS freshman Sophia Rolland expressed, “I am in anger that the audios that I liked were taken off …” 

The removal of these audios being taken off caused outrage across the world. As it is still happening today, people are distraught while their audio is being removed. Some of those people even go to OHS.  Freshman Leah Andreassen explained, “I wish TikTok didn’t get rid of the audios and I’m mad that my favorite audios were taken off.”

Thankfully, there is a way to get around the removal: users can speed up TikTok audios or add their voices over it. But it’s disappointing that many well-known songs were removed and that there has been a big difference in the community causing sparks of outrage through thousands of teens and adults. 

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Which artist are you most upset about being taken off of TikTok audios?


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Sky Karels
Sky Karels, Journalist
Sky Karels is a sophomore and is new to OHS. She enjoys spending time with her cat and family and traveling to places. Sky is looking forward to the school year even though she's a new writer.

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