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‘Tis the season of Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped is an annual campaign that happens at the end of November. The campaign shows a summary of statistics that showcase users’ most listened-to song, artist, and genre that year. After Wrapped comes out, people can summarize what they’ve listened to in the past year and learn about their music taste. 

Many OHS students are big fans of Spotify Wrapped. Sophomore Shruthi Lingam-Nattamai explained, “It’s really fun to see what you have and have it listed for you, showing what you’ve listened to the most.”

Even people who don’t use Spotify much enjoyed Spotify Wrapped. Junior Maylon McMurry, whose top genre was rap, explained, “I think that Spotify was pretty accurate this year […] I don’t listen to Spotify a lot but I still liked it.”

OHS students sharing their 2023 Spotify Wrapped. The most common genres were pop and rap. (Sky Karels)

Spotify is all about the holidays when it comes to releasing listeners’ summaries of everything they’ve listened to into an annual slideshow. When people are done viewing their Spotify Wrapped, they get different playlists that they can share with their friends.

Junior Madilyn Reiman noted, “Me and my friends create collaborative playlists and do a party where we listen to the same music at the same time. I like Spotify Wrapped because it expresses how obscure my music taste is.” 

Many people start listening to artists they want on their Spotify Wrapped the following December. This is because Wrapped mostly includes what people have listened to in the first half of the year. 

Genre cards came out this year and people were able to see which card they were. The cards ranged from vampire to cyclops to collector.  These cards were new this year and sparked a lot of discussion.

Sophomore Liam Clarke shared, “It was pretty cool this year, I think that the cards were pretty dumb; they don’t really make any sense.” 

There were also maps showing which locations had similar tastes as users. However, the maps weren’t a huge hit.

Sophomore Clyde Wulender expressed, “I thought it was cool but the map thing where people had similar tastes, I thought it was irrelevant.”

The most popular features of Spotify Wrapped are users’ total minutes listening to music and their top songs.

Senior Christine Zhang who is applying to colleges mentioned, “I listen to music when I write essays, so my top songs are my essay-writing songs. I don’t know if Spotify Wrapped [is] reflecting on my favorite songs, [or] the songs that get me in the mood to write.”

The anticipated end-of-the-year Spotify Wrapped showcases the songs users have listened to throughout the year, allowing people to learn more about their music taste and share their preferences with others. 

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Sky Karels, Journalist
Sky Karels is a sophomore and is new to OHS. She enjoys spending time with her cat and family and traveling to places. Sky is looking forward to the school year even though she's a new writer.
Roy Kim, Journalist
Roy Kim, a senior at Olympia High School, is the President of the Key Club and International Culture Club. He enjoys spending time with friends and family while also loving K-BBQ.

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