Black Country, New Road is back! (Country New Road)


Black Country, New Road performing live with their vast array of instruments.

    The British band Black Country, New Road released their third album in February this year. They have released three critically acclaimed albums in just two years. Right before the release of their last album Ants From Up There, the band announced that their lead singer and songwriter was leaving. This left a hole that needed to be filled before their next release. With six remaining members, they decided to have three separate lead singers for their next album. This proved to be the right decision, as every singer on the new album adds their own charm to each of their songs.

    In February of 2023, Black Country, New Road released a live album called Live from Bush Hall. The album garnered immediate praise from critics and fans alike due to its more experimental sound compared to the last album. Live from Bush Hall makes the most of its wide array of instruments including a saxophone, piano, bass, guitar, violin, and drums. The orchestral instruments allow the band to achieve a larger sound than most, making songs feel more impactful and cinematic. The genre of this album is almost indiscernible with songs that range from typical alternative rock to post-punk and even songs inspired by traditional Irish folk music. 

    The highlights of the album are the emotional ballads delivered by bassist Tyler Hyde. Hyde’s vocals ring out and blend with the music amazingly during the song “I Won’t Always Love You.” The band is best when they build up the emotion throughout the song. That was commonplace in previous albums but is done to its best on the songs “Laughing Song”, “Dancers”, and “Turbines.” All of which feature angelic vocal performances and heavy guitars. Though the album is incredibly emotional and at points heartbreaking, the theme of the album is still an optimistic one about self-esteem. Live from Bush Hall deals with pain consistently throughout the tracklist, but there is an overall theme of pride that accentuates the album’s themes.