Official OHS hiking guidebook



The mounds covered in spring wildflowers.

The pond seen from the trail at McLane Creek, overrun with lily pads. The pond can almost be mistaken for an empty field.  (MB Ramirez )

McLane Creek trail

1.9 Miles

Situated 15 minutes outside of Olympia this trail is a peaceful loop around a small lake. The elevation gain on this trail is minimal and with a length of just 1.8 miles people of all athletic abilities could enjoy this trail. In the fall one bridge offers an excellent view of the annual salmon run. All hikers must also remember to bring a Washington State Discovery Pass to park here.

The trail offers a respite from local suburbia and enters hikers into a peaceful forest.  (CC)

Four Cedars Outer Loop

1.8 Miles

The Four Cedars Outer Loop is located inside Tolmie State Park 20 minutes from OHS. This trail is a little hilly and as such it is slightly challenging but in total there are only 226 feet of elevation gain. Throughout hikers can experience the peacefulness of the forest, which as the name suggests, is full of cedars. However, in rainy seasons this loop can get a bit muddy so come prepared. Also, a Discovery Pass is needed to park.  


Mima Mounds Trail

2.6 Miles

20 minutes south of OHS, the Mima Mounds Trail is a peaceful loop for walkers. The trail traverses a mysterious landscape filled with tons of uniform, low-rolling hills. In spring these hills are overtaken by beautiful native flowers. Views of Mt. Rainier are also possible on a clear day. However, dogs are not allowed on this trail.