They Both Die at the End Book Review


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They Both Die at the End


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They Both Die at the End


They Both Die at the End, by Adam Silvera, is a wonderful and emotional book about human connection, death, and not letting fear stop you from living your life. In this book, two boys named Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio both get a call from Death-Cast, telling them they will die sometime in the next 24 hours. They find each other through an app called Last Friend, and decide to live out their final hours together, doing things they never thought they’d be able to do. 


If you like books with really creative and well thought out worlds, characters with really deep and emotional backstories and character arcs, or endings that will blow you away, then you would love this book. It has won awards like the Flicker Tale Children’s Book Award for Older Readers in 2021, and was nominated for many others. There is also a prequel to this book called “The First to Die at the End,” and if you loved the first book, then you would definitely love the prequel. Both books are available at the library today, so go check them out and tell us what you think in the poll below!

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