Horoscopes for the week of January 1-January 8


Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 21)- This week you’re going to understand the depths of a complex matter. Plumb the depths, doing your due diligence to find out everything you can. Then do a gut check to get the full picture, especially if you’re still on the fence. If both sides of your brain are encouraging you to go all in, there’s a very good chance that’s the right choice. Confirmation could arrive sooner rather than later.

Aquarius (Jan 21- Feb 19)- You’re always up for meeting new people, sociable Water Bearer. But today’s harmony between the moon in your interpersonal court and the Sun in your friendship camp nudges you to tend to the VIPS in your life. Check in on your friends this week and let them know how much you appreciate them. 

Pisces (Feb 20- Mar 20)- The key to your success is setting up sustainable routines, so don’t do too much too soon. Stay focused and set a slow and steady-paced goal. In the end, it will benefit you! 

Aries (Mar 21- Apr 19)- You’re fired up and oozing charisma today, thanks to a mashup between an expressive fifth house moon and the exuberant Sun. The more interested you are in something, the more excited you’ll be to share your views on it. Even if you’re not trying to steal the show, you can’t help but draw attention under this magnetic starmap. Don’t get too carried away with your moment in the spotlight. Remember to pass the talking stick and give others a chance to contribute. Your enthusiasm will be contagious!

Taurus (Apr 20- May 20)- Do you want (make that NEED) to get something off your chest, Bull? Today’s emo fourth house moon syncs up with the Sun in your sharing sector, opening the door to an overdue heart-to-heart. You can use this planetary power to finally clear the air rather than nursing a private grudge. Start a conversation for the two of you so you can each share your POV. 

Cancer (June 21- Jul 22)- Pull up your budgetary bootstraps! If building a nest egg has been a challenge, today’s moon in your money sector syncs up with the can-do Sun, cautioning you to honor your financial limits. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, steer clear of the haute cuisine and look for low-cost entertainment, like seeing a local band play or hitting a yoga class. Rather than meeting for costly cocktails, share a bottle of Pinot at a pal’s place before heading out. If you need a new item for your wardrobe, stick to the sale racks. With time and patience, you’ll see that every little bit adds up.

Leo (July 23- Aug 22)- Shoot for the stars, Leo! Today’s moon in your sign meshes with the confident Sun—your galactic guardian—in your artistic, passionate fifth house, encouraging you to dream big. Take an ambitious goal seriously instead of assuming it’s too idealistic and you’ll never achieve it. No matter how far-fetched a desire might seem, it merits your focus and energy. Your heart wants what it wants, and you need to honor that. 

Virgo (Aug 23- Sep 22)- An upbeat mood will go a long way today when a restorative twelfth house moon holds hands with the vibrant Sun in your emotions court. Thanks to this empowering synergy, you could move on from a difficult personal chapter or break through an internal obstacle like a limiting fear. Look at life through a positive lens, focusing on what you’re grateful for and fostering beliefs that propel you forward rather than hold you back.

Libra (Sep 23- Oct 22)- As much as you love to nurture interpersonal connections, it’s not your sole purpose in life to “be there” for others. Today’s illuminating angle between the moon in your humanity house and the me-first Sun invites you to look at the dynamics that shape your relationships. Putting everyone’s needs before your own doesn’t actually make you a good friend—but it might make you an exhausted and resentful one. Adjust the dials today if things have grown lopsided. It’s not just okay to say “no” to things you’re not into; it’s an act of self-preservation!

Scorpio (Oct 23- Nov 21)- Aim high, Scorpio! Today’s goal-oriented tenth house moon syncs up with the confident Sun in your resourceful second house, fueling lucrative career aspirations. Whether you’re on the fast track to the C-suite or you’re launching an entrepreneurial venture, you have the stuff to succeed. And if you come across as a self-assured high-flier, people will believe that you’re going places. Ditch the impostor syndrome and act like you deserve a seat at the table. Then keep earning your spot by taking classes or shadowing a mentor.

Sagittarius (Nov 22- Dec 21)- You’re raring to go on a personal project, and having that creative powerhouse, the Sun, in your sign for another week is only adding fuel to your passion. Continue to seek your joy this week as you enter new creative projects.